Bachelorette Party Games

Lesson #1: bachelorette party games are a must! Bachelorette Degrees features bachelorette games from mild and sweet (but never drab!) to the steamy hot!

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Ho or No Bachelorette Party Game

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Bachelorette Bar Dares

Free Bachelorette Party Invitation
Free Bachelorette Party Invitation
for your Girls' Night Out! Just click the link above to download.

Printable Party Games: Purchase, Download and Print on your Mac or PC

Our Games Come to You as zipped PDFs

You must have Adobe Acrobat software installed on your computer to view and print our games. Adobe Acrobat is free software available here:

Adobe Acrobat needs to be updated regularly as well, because as Adobe finds security problems (and they always do over the years), they update it and they offer these updates for their customers. It's always advisable to update because otherwise you subject yourself to a virus or other hacks if you don't.

However, you don't have to have the latest installed you view our games. We require only version Adobe Acrobat 8.0 or greater. (Note: This is different than the video states (7.0). We've made this update in order to reduce file sizes.)

Note about "unzippers". Our games come zipped (with extension .zip). It's very rare not to have an unzipper program installed on your computer, but occasionally this does occur. If you don't have an upzipper, here are two work-arounds:

  1. Download and install unzipper software for free at this link: Then download and open your game.
  2. We are happy to attach and send you the unzipped .pdf upon purchase; however, for immediate availability, you'll want to insure you have an unzipper program installed.

How to Purchase a Game

Once you’ve found a game you’d like to purchase, add it to your cart. Wait a moment for your purchase order to appear. Check your quantity totals and update them if necessary.

If you've selected a discounted product, including a free or 100% discounted product, click here for instructions.

Select the "check out" button to use your credit card or Paypal. You can also select the "Paypal" button to use your Paypal account.

Fill in your contact information. This information helps process your credit card. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page. There’s no need to fill in shipping information on the page; our games are printable, no shipping is required.

If you’ve have coupon code, enter it in the coupon code box. The payment method default is set to “credit card”. You may change it to “Paypal” if you decide to pay with Paypal.

Select "checkout" to continue with your credit card information. You’ll be asked if you’d like to save your information for future purchases. Select "cancel" if you don’t want this information saved and "ok", if you do.

Enter your credit card information in the next dialog box. Select "checkout" to continue your order. You will see a dialog box letting you know your payment was successful.

Wait just a moment for your receipt to appear. If it does not appear, select the button that reads, “review receipt”. Your receipt will automatically appear.

Scroll down and select “Download Product” to begin the process of saving and printing your game. Depending on your security settings, after you click “Download Product” on your receipt, a dialog box may appear telling you that you’re leaving a secure page. Select “Yes” to continue. This simply means that you are leaving the secure shopping cart part of our site.

When you select the download product button, your printable party game comes in a zipped file and must be “unzipped” so that you can view your pdf.

If you're on a Mac, after you select “Download Product” on your receipt, a download folder dialog box will appear on your desktop. Double left click on the bachelorette party game file you would like to unzip (generally at the top of the list). Your finder window will open with your "Download" folder opened and the new .pdf selected. Double-click the .pdf and it will open in Adobe Acrobat. To print it, select File from the Menu bar, then Print from the dropdown menu. If a dialog box does not appear, go to the finder icon on the left bottom corner of your desktop. Find your download folder and open it. Double left click on the product you would like to unzip. Again, This will create a .pdf that you can now view and print.

On a PC, after clicking the "download" link, you'll be prompted to either "open" "save" or "cancel" the download. We suggest saving it. For ease, save the file to your desktop. Once the download is complete, open it. Go to your desktop and find the zipped file. Double left click the file and it will automatically unzip a .pdf file into a new window. Click on this file to open it.

For either a PC or Mac, to print, go to the top navigation menu and select “file”. A dropdown menu will appear. Select "print".

Select the number of copies and which page numbers you would like to print. Often you may only want to print a certain page a number of times. You can scroll down to this page and in the print dialog box select the "current" radio button and enter the number of times you want it to print in the appropriate field.

Important Note: If using Avery cardstock of any kind, select, “Scale 100%” on a Mac; for a PC adjust the page scale to “NONE”.

Select the printer you would like to use. Make sure your printer is plugged into your computer. Select "print" and your game will print.

Ensuring you have the Right Version of Adobe Acrobat

You must have the computer program Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or greater installed on your computer.

When opening the .pdf, if you get an error message stating: “There was an error opening your document, bad encrypt dictionary”, select "Ok". This means that you don’t have an updated version of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or greater. Another popup dialog box will appear asking you to install the latest version of Adobe. Select Install Now.

It is important to note that you updating Adobe Acrobat maintains your computer’s security. Give Adobe a moment to Install or update on your computer. Once it’s installed, a popup window will appear. You will be prompted to accept the terms. Select “Ok”.

Adobe is now up to date. Find the printable party game file once again on your desktop and open it.

Discount and Free Bachelorette Party Games

Downloading Discounted ItemsTo download a discounted product, including those we make free (100% discount), you'll select the checkout button. On the following page enter your customer details in the top section: your name, address, phone number, etc.

There is no need to enter shipping details because our products are downloadable. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a box in which to enter your coupon or discount number. After you do, click the "Apply" button. Click "Checkout" again.

If the item is free, you will NOT be asked for your credit card number. You'll simply get details of what you'll pay on the next page. If it's free, it will read "0." On the following page, you'll see a download link for your product.

Enjoy your printable party games!