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Pecker Pinchers  
Pecker Pinchers
For a wildly fun bachelorette party, pick Pecker Pinchers! This tastefully "dirty" bachelorette game delivers the "complete package!" Pinch a peck of peckers and find out what your bedroom fortune will hold!

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Pecker Pinchers! Tastefully "dirty" bachelorette party games have never been so much fun!
Perky Paula pinched a peck of a 9-inch passionate peckers.
Pretty Patty pinched a peck of playful peckers too.
But Perfect Penny pinched a peck of two-inch peckers, woohoo!
Paula, Patty, and Penny pinched a peck of peckers in their prime,
The biggest pecker pincher wins in bed and ends this rhyme!
The object of the game is to "pinch" or collect the largest "pecker" (penis), 10 inch Tony! You may want to provide a prize or a gag gift for the winner.

For a bit of extra fun, the pecker you pinch relays your future bedroom fortune! Will you be lucky in lovemaking, or need to pick a few peckers before you get it just right?

Sure, this game sounds easy, but just as in life; we can’t always see what’s under wraps! So, you’ll have to pinch your pecker blindfolded!

Cut each pecker out into an individual unit. You can hang the peckers on the wall with tape, or from a door jam or from the ceiling with string or ribbon.

The benefit of hanging the peckers from a door jam is that the ladies can use their teeth to pinch the peckers. If you hang them on the wall, ladies can use their hands.

Blindfold each player (just as in the game pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey). Spin the player in a circle and point the bachelorette to the direction of the peckers. Players should use their hands to guide them to the wall or door jam (we don’t want anyone getting hurt!). BUT, when it comes to picking a pecker, no feeling around!

After all the ladies have pinched their very own pecker, read the bedroom fortunes aloud and applaud the lucky girl who wins with 10-inch Tony.

Pecker Pinchers isn't just a fun bachelorette party game, Pecker Pinchers are funny bachelorette party decorations. You can even tie ribbons around the peckers so that the ladies can wear the pecker they pinched as a necklace for the night.

Why do we call Pecker Pinchers a "tastefully" dirty bachelorette party game? Our dirty bachelorette party games are never raunchy, and we don't include offensive language. The poetic and funny bedroom fortunes, and creatively illustrated male members are a riot!

For a wildly fun bachelorette party, pick Pecker Pinchers!
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