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Mums the Word Bachelorette Game  
Mums the Word Bachelorette Game
Mums the Word is a Taboo style game designed specifically for the bachelorette! Get 130 cards.

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What's even better than Taboo, is that Mums the Word is specifically for your bachelorette party! This bachelorette party game is only slightly naughty. Game card words range from those describing planning the wedding, the reception, and possible activities on Wedding night!

Game cards don't actually contain any dirty words, but in some instances, you might have to use naughty words to describe what's on the card (we've pretty much used up the clean ones)!

How's it Played?

Divide your party into two competing teams. Each team takes turns of 60 seconds. One team member describes the word at the top of her card try to guess it.

The object of the game is to get your teammates to guess the target words of as many game cards as possible within your 60-second turn without speaking any of the other related words on your cards. With each word correctly guessed, your team gets points. The winning team is the one who has the most points once either all the cards are played, a certain number of points are gained.

Hand motions are not allowed; this isn't charades.

Each speaker has a limit of one minute to describe the main word (the word on Professor Johnson's chart) on as many cards at they can. Use an egg timer, a stopwatch (on your Smartphone) or a game timer from a board game. If you don't have a timer, use this online timer for all your party games:

You cannot skip a card and move onto another; you must attempt to describe it until your team members guess it or your minute is up.

Guessers must say the exact target word in order for the speaker to move on to the next word. For example: if a guesser says, "skirt" and the main word is "skirts", she must continue until a player says, "skirts".

You can't speak any of the words on your card in full or in part. This includes the plural, past, future forms or verb tense. For example, you have the word "invitation". You can't say "invite" because "invitation" contains "invite" within it. For the word, "marriage" you could not use the word "marry" as it is a verb form of the same word. If you have a word that is plural, such as "skies", you could not use the singular version, "sky".

If a speaker accidentally says any part of the words on her card or uses hand motions, she automatically loses her turn. A player from the opposite team gets to go.

Play until you've used all the cards or until one team gets a certain number of points, you decide.
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Debra - 08/25/2013

If you are a fan of the game 'Taboo' and want to integrate it to your bachelorette party then you should pick up this game. It was great.

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