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Laugh Rap Bachelorette Game  
Laugh Rap Bachelorette Game
Laugh Rap is proof that our clean bachelorette party games are hysterical! But be warned, like any Mad Lib inspired game, it could become a naughty bachelorette game.

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Laugh Rap is funny – not a lot of sentimental stuff in this bachelorette party game – we’ll leave that for the bridal showers!

Now put on your "thinking cap"; it’s time for a Bachelorette University’s Hen Night Exam: Write an Essay!

Don’t worry about test anxiety; this is the easiest essay you’ll ever write!

Remember when you were 8 and you played MadLibs? It’s the fun game of fill-in-the-blank, where anything can happen to your storyline.

Our Laugh Rap is similar, but you’re not 8 anymore! It wouldn’t be a fun bachelorette party game without a "naughty" twist. No worries, it’s not "dirty" but it’s definitely twisted!

This printable bachelorette party game comes with three different Laugh Rap stories:

Crazy Bachelorette Party
The Groom’s Wedding Night Plans
The Original Wedding Reception (Martha Stewart Style)

The game can be played two ways:

  1. by only the bride-to-be
  2. by all the bachelorettes (individually or in teams)
Depending on the size of your group and how long you want the game to last, you could give each individual or team every story, or simply one.

You could print page 1 of each story for players to complete and then have them transfer their words and phrases to page 2 of the set.

However, if you’re playing as teams, it’s faster to simply print page 2 of any set and have one bachelorette complete the story as she asks for words and phrases that meet the descriptions in parenthesis.

For the longest play, individuals would fill in page 1 of each set, transfer their words to the page 2 story pages, and then read their stories aloud.

For a shorter playtime, you could give each person of a team of two (or three) one story (page 2). The player with the story asks for phrases and words that meet descriptions from the other (or two other) players, who give their words "blind" without viewing the story. Then the holder of the story reads it aloud to the team or the whole group.

Having the bride complete the stories would be the shortest play. In this case, you’d have three bridesmaids with the three different page 2 story sheets ask the bride for the words or phrases described (in parenthesis). Then all will read the stories aloud.

When the professors here at played Laugh Rap, they practically had to admit themselves into the hospital for overexposure to laughter. It’s that funny!

No matter if you’re having a clean or even a slightly naughty bachelorette party, this printable bachelorette party game is a riot!

Play it while waiting for dinner, in a limo, while visiting wineries, on a plane to Vegas, at a bachelorette slumber party ... anywhere.

You won’t get caught up in points with this bachelorette party game, but you will get caught up in a ’laugh rap’!

Getting "Educated" about Bachelorette Party Games!

Here at Bachelorette University (the biggest party school in the universe) there’s lots of homework like scavenger hunts and discovering what secrets your friends are hiding in their purses!

Unlike other college professors, Dr. Johnson gives only the most important assignments ranging from playing clean bachelorette party games to wildly fun and slightly dirty bachelorette games.

Everyone gets an "A+" and everyone can earn a bachelorette degree (just print a your bachelorette diplomas for FREE with any purchase!).

There is a strict attendance policy, so send your bachelorette party invitations early! Play lots of printable bachelorette party games, grab the pink drinks, sexy bachelorette gear, and fun lollipops; it’s time to party!
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This Game is Too Raunchy

Cheryl - 09/14/2015

I didn't like either the Love quotes or the laugh rap bachelorette games. I was looking for good, clean games. The laugh rap was full of raunchy stuff.
Note from Bachelorette Degrees Staff: Thanks for your input, Cheryl. We have a 100% money back guarant...

Cute, Depends on how funny your girls are

Renee - 11/21/2014

Some were funny and some were OK. How funny they are depends on how funny a words you want to put in the blank. What definitely true about this game is that it won't be dirty unless you add dirty words. So it does qualify as a clean game, for sure.

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