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Join the sorority of bachelorette sisterhood. At Bachelorette University, the only textbooks we require are your little black book, the book of love, and the book of fantastic free bachelorette party games!

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Ho or No Bachelorette Party Game

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Bachelorette Bar Dares

Free Bachelorette Party Invitation
Free Bachelorette Party Invitation
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Free Bachelorette Party Games, Ideas and Printables E-book
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Free Bachelorette Games

We offer top-notch printable bachelorette party games, including clean bachelorette party games, and slightly soiled or “dirty bachelorette party games” that cost less than a martini or fancy cup of java. These printable games are always a riot and no bachelorette entertainment gives you more bang for your buck.

We love bachelorette parties, so we want to offer free bachelorette games too. After all, one bachelorette party game is NEVER enough!

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Free Bachelorette Party Invitations

Free Bachelorette Party InvitationOur printable bachelorette party invitations are great for an easy fuzz-free invite, and to add excitement for the upcoming events! If you’re planning a last minute bachelorette party, these invites will make you look like a party planning genius.

Yes, you could send an e-invitation (you probably should). But receiving one of these free bachelorette party invitations in the mail will make your girls smile and set the tone for the night!

These printable bachelorette party invitations are a little party detail that says, “You’re an ‘A’ student” when it comes to planning a bachelorette party.

Further down this page, find more of our favorite bachelorette games, all of which are listed in the e-book you can download for free along with printables when you either join Party-zine (upper left corner), or like us on Facebook.

You’ll find these fun bachelorette party games and game ideas in our e-book.

Truth or Dare Printable Free Bachelorette Party Game

This game is fun for 10 partiers or less. Of course, you can make up your own truth questions and bachelorette dares and play with many more players.

Ten cards are included in the free bachelorette games e-book. If printing on Avery cardstock, be sure the size of the page is 100 percent. You’ll see more on printing instructions here. Cut the questions and dares into individual cards. You may fold them so no one can read them, or place them as you would cards, face down in a deck.

When you’re ready to play, place the slips of paper in a jar, hat, or in your hand, and have each player draw one slip.

One at a time, players read their question or task; they’ll spill the beans or perform their bachelorette dare.

The dares in this game can all be performed at a home party (or out on the town). If you’re creating your own bachelorette dares, it’s a good idea to think about where you will be when playing the party game. For more outrageous dares, check out our bachelorette bar dares game.

Important note: This game is different than your typical bachelorette truth or dare game because the ladies don’t get a choice of whether they’d prefer a truth or dare.

It’s all the luck of the draw!

Pin the Ring on the Finger

Pin the Ring on the FingerThis game is just like pin the tail on the donkey, but appropriate to the theme. In our free bachelorette party games e-book, you’ll see rings and two pages with brides-to-be. We have one Caucasian and another who could be your African-American bachelorette bride-to-be, or of darker complexion. Select the girl best representing your bride-to-be.

Cut out the rings and give one to each bachelorette. Post the sheet with the bride-to-be on a wall, blind-fold players one at a time, and have them target the ring

Important rule: no groping the wall with your other hand!

Cartoon Bubbles

Do you ever wish you had a recorder for some of the outrageous, funny, or sweet things your friends say? It’s almost as if some of the things your friends say should be memorized in cartoon speech bubbles.

Paper Plate Bachelorette Party GameCartoon Bubbles is a bachelorette party activity that does just that! It’s really a keepsake for the bachelorettes and the bride.

Each time someone says something that’s worth remembering (or maybe should be forgotten), write it down on a single paper plate.

The bride saves this paper plate. Later at her bridal shower, the paper plate returns. When she opens her gifts all the ribbons are saved and attached to the paper plate.

This paper plate bouquet is usually carried at the wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding. At the end of the rehearsal, the bride tosses the bouquet, just as she does the real bouquet at the wedding.

The lucky bridesmaid who catches the bouquet gets to carry the torch for her bachelorette sorority.

Bachelorette Games: Cherry Twister

This one is perfect for slumber parties or at the end of the evening when everyone has returned to one of the bachelorette’s homes with late-night snack cravings.

You’ll need paper bowls or paper plates, a jar of whipped cream and a jar of cocktail cherries with the stems still attached.

Place a cherry in the bottom of each bowl and cover it with whipped cream. Line the bowls up on a table.

The object of the game is to eat the whipped cream and cherry AND to tie the cherry stem into a knot using only your tongue. All this must be accomplished while your hands are clasped behind your back!

Of course, it’s a race to see who can do it first. The first one to finish will be crowned, “Tongue Twister Queen”!

Naked Man Life Drawing Contest

Playing hooky in art class will catch up to you. But, we’ve got the perfect way to bring out your inner Michael Angelo!

If drawing a naked man isn’t hard enough, it just got harder. Blindfold each girl and give her a turn to create her masterpiece.

This is a contest to see who can draw the best naked man (by vote) while blindfolded.

Rumor Rounds Bachelorette GameRumor Rounds is a game of distortion. We all know how you can tell something to someone and a few weeks later it comes back to you completely a new story.

This is a party game for every type of party. It’s always fun whether you’re staying in or going out. And as far as we here at know, this party game is our original creation.

Provide each player with the enough plain note cards (or pieces of paper) to equal the number of players plus one. That is, if there are 5 players, each person gets 6 note cards, for 7 players, give each player 8 note cards, etc.

Also provide a pen or pencil for each player. You can play this game at a table while waiting for dinner or at a home party. It’s very easy.

Each lady takes her stack of cards. On the top card, she writes a common phrase. For example:

Cold Feet, Warm Heart
Love is Like a Flower
Honeymoon in the Islands
Make Love, Not War

After everyone has written a phrase, they pass their stack of cards to the left. The person who receives the card reads the phrase on the top card to herself. Then she’ll place it at the bottom of her stack.

Next, she attempts to draw a picture of the phrase she has just read. When everyone has had a chance to draw the phrase they received, they pass their stack to the left.

Players look at the picture (top card only); they may not look through the stack. Then they place the picture on the bottom of the stack.

Players attempt to figure out what saying the picture is communicating, and they write a saying on their top card.

Cards are passed to the left, and once again, players read the phrases, place them on the bottom of their stacks, and draw the sayings they just read on their cards.

Cards continue to be passed to left until all the cards are filled out with either phrases or pictures. At the end of the game, each stack makes it back to its original owner.

At this time, each person reads the original phrase and shares each picture and phrase with the other players at the table.

It’s really funny to see how different the ending phrases are from the original phrases. This game has no winner; it’s just really fun to play.

The Perfect Match Bachelorette Game

The Perfect Match is a fun bachelorette game for a night on the town. The bridesmaids create this game especially for the bride-to-be.

Create a special T-shirt for the bride-to-be to wear the night of the bachelorette party. You can also create a bachelorette sash instead. Or, design this game on a sheet of paper, if your bride likes less drama.

Write several different men’s names on the T-shirt or sash. Make some names common, like John or Frank and a few less common, like Colby.

The object of the game is for the bachelorette to find guys whose names are a “perfect match” to those on her T-shirt or sash. Once she finds a guy with the same name, he autographs next to his name.

Eat My Sweets

This is one of the easiest (and hardest) free bachelorette party games out there. It’s fun for a night on the town, and a bit over-the-top gutsy.

Provide each bachelorette with a candy necklace, the first one to get rid of all her candy by finding a man or men to eat the necklace (while on her neck) wins.

Along the same lines … what could be better than free bachelorette party games? Bachelorette party fundraisers! That’s right. This next bachelorette game is actually one that raises money. It’s called …

Suck for a Buck

Just about everyone has heard of this hen night game that doubles as a fundraiser. It requires a little crafting skill beforehand, but we know you’re up to the task.

Make or buy a bachelorette sash for each girl attending the party. Sew several pieces of candy (like “lifesavers”) onto each sash.

The night of the party, bachelorettes invite men to chew off a piece of candy for a buck. What you do with the cash is up to you!

Centerfold Name Game

We’ve all heard of the sexy “bunny” names exotic dancers and porn stars have. Women’s names like, “Buffy Muffin”, and “Crystal Chandelier” aren’t invented on Monday mornings, they’re made up on occasions like your bachelorette party.

Your real name may be “Jessica Jones”, but if you were a centerfold in Playboy magazine, what would your sexy new centerfold name be?

It’s easy to find out. To discover your centerfold name simply combine two of the three choices:

  • Your childhood pet’s name
  • The street you grew up on
  • The last name of any country singer

For example:

Pet’s Name: Boots
Street Name: Birmingham
Country Singer: Taylor Swift

Your centerfold name could be: “Boots Birmingham” or “Swift Boots”, or whatever combination you desire!

Once you have your centerfold name, have your fellow bachelorettes call you by your new name for the night!

If you have several bachelorettes who don’t know each other, nametags with both the bachelorette’s centerfold name and her real name are a fun bachelorette party icebreaker!

Bachelorette Party Invitation

Included in the free bachelorette games e-book is a free bachelorette party invitation for an out-on-the-town bachelorette party. You can print this alone if you wish by clicking on the image of the invitation here.

Forbidden Words

Forbidden Words is an easy bachelorette party game that you can play throughout the night at a home party or out on the town. It’s fun to provide a token party favor for the winner.

Start by announcing the forbidden word at the beginning of the night. The forbidden word should be a common word like: wedding, bachelorette, men, guy, etc.

The object of the game is to avoid saying the forbidden word for the rest of the night.

Give each bachelorette a necklace to wear for the game.

Each time a bachelorette says the forbidden word, she must forfeit her necklace to the bachelorette she is speaking with or the bachelorette who catches her in the act.

The bachelorette who ends up with the most necklaces at the end of the night wins the game.

Something Old, Something New…

This is an easy bachelorette party game. It only takes a few minutes and is always good for laughs. It’s a fun way to pass out a bachelorette party gag-gift or party favor to the lucky winner.

Tell all the girls to gather their purses.

This game is a timed raced. Give the players exactly one minute to produce from their bags:

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

After the minute is up, the person with the oldest item plus something new, borrowed and blue is the winner. All four items must be produced to win.

The Bachelorette Diploma

Free Bachelorette GamesBachelorette University is the #1 party school on the Internet. We pass out bachelorette degrees like they’re candy.  Four years to get a diploma? NO WAY! Ours takes more like four minutes. There’s no prior experience required!

What do you have to do to earn your degree in minutes? Print it! Planning and playing the free bachelorette party games you’ll find at will put you at the front of the class!

You’ll graduate with honors! Included in the free bachelorette games e-book is one free diploma. To get a set of 10 different degrees, visit this page:

They’re free with the download any of our printable bachelorette party games!


More Bachelorette Party Games

We all know how hot games like bachelorette scavenger hunts and bar dares are. They’re hot for a reason. These games are the perfect excuse to get a little crazy, let your hair down, and step out of yourself for a night.

Everyone accepts your crazy, wild behavior because it’s a bachelorette party! After all, you wouldn’t normally go up to strangers with “unique” requests, or play “pin the privates on the hunk” any other time in your life … well, probably not.

You can create your own scavenger hunts, bar dares, drinking games, etc. with some creativity and time.

If you want easy, quality designed printable bachelorette scavenger hunts, bar dares, drinking games, and home party games, we’re here to offer them.

Here are some games you might like: