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Ho or No Bachelorette Party Game

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Either Or Bachelorette Party Game  
Either Or Bachelorette Party Game
Sometimes life gives us so many choices, it’s hard to know what to do! That’s NOT the case with this hysterical bachelorette party game. You either have one choice OR the other, and choosing incorrectly can have consequences!

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So the bride thinks she knows how her man likes it, huh? Is he a GQ guy? Or, does he have a secret stash of Playboy mags somewhere under his bed? Does he like the hedges to be “all natural” or is a well pruned forest more his style?

By the end of this naughty bachelorette game, everyone will know the groom a little better! No worries, it’s only slightly naughty, not a dirty game, so the groom’s deepest secrets are safe!

You can play this game as a drinking game or just for laughs, either way it’s tons of fun. This is one of the only printable party games we have that’s just played primarily by bride. However, everyone participates in the consequences!

How to Play Bachelorette University’s Either Or Game

The object of the game is simple; the bride must guess how the groom will answer each of the “Either Or” questions.

If you’re a bridesmaid or a friend planning the bachelorette party, you’ll need to get the groom’s answers ahead of time. A quick phone call to the groom is the easiest way to do this and can be done minutes before the party!

Print two copies of the game: one for the bride, and one so that you (the party planner) can mark each of the groom’s answers (the bride should NOT see the answers).

Next, get all your girls together. It’s time for the fun to begin. Provide the bride with a copy of the Either Or Game. You hold onto the answers.

Ask each question out loud. For example, “Melons or Fried Eggs?” The bride must guess what the groom has chosen. If she gets it wrong, she (and her bridesmaids) must pay the piper by swigging a drink or doing a bachelorette bar dare. Or, you can simply play it for fun.

Printable bachelorette party games are the most important part of the party! Bone up on every kind of naughty (and nice) party game right here at Bachelorette University. We're awarding PH-Delicious degrees and Bachelorette Diplomas all night long!

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