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Bang, Ban, or Buds  
Bang, Ban, or Buds
The bride to be is a "good girl", but given a "Free Hall Pass" who would she bang, ban, or be buds with? "How well do you know the bride?" with a naughty little twist makes this one of the best dirty bachelorette games ever!

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Ever heard of the bachelorette party game, "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" Bang, Ban, or Buds is similar, with a bit of a naughty twist!

The object of this game is to discover whom the bride would bang (if she had a free pass), ban, or be buds with.

Let’s start with the basics. Dr. Johnson, the lead professor at Bachelorette University has some definitions for you to memorize:
Bang Ban or Buds Definitions

The Bang, Ban, or Buds bachelorette game sheet lists many famous men and gives you the opportunity to add more in the blanks provided. Print one sheet for each player, including the honored guest or bride to be.

For each person listed, mark the box "bang, ban, buds, or who? (meaning you don’t know the person) according to how you think the bride will answer.

After everyone has completed their answers, the bride reads off her answers one by one. Players receive one point for each time they correctly guessed the bride’s answer. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Want to make this a bachelorette drinking game?

Each time a player incorrectly guesses what the bride will answer, she takes a drink.

If more than half the bridesmaids guess incorrectly, the bride takes a drink and the bridesmaids don’t have to drink.

Finally, if a any player (including the bride) doesn’t know one of the famous men listed, she must take a drink.

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You don’t have to go to four years of college to know that printable bachelorette games are a no-brainer. Play them at a restaurant while waiting on dinner, play them on a plane, at a bar, at your home party, in a limo, anywhere!

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