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Ho or No Bachelorette Party Game

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Bachelorette Bar Dares

Free Bachelorette Party Invitation
Free Bachelorette Party Invitation
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Bachelorette Bar Dares  
Bachelorette Bar Dares
You're not training a puppy ... you don't have some strange cough ... so why are you barking like a dog each time you take a drink? It’s bachelorette bar dares! Games like these are the craziest, wildest way to heat up your bachelorette party!

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You’re giving a toast ... he’s not the groom, you’re not at a wedding, AND he’s a complete stranger! What’s up? It’s bachelorette bar dares!

If heating up your hens' night is on your party checklist, this printable bachelorette party game is hot, hot, hot!

How Printable Bachelorette Bar Dares is Played

This bachelorette bar dares game is played with a time limit. If you set a challenging and short time limit (30 minutes) you’ll be in for fierce competition, which always leads to wildly entertaining bachelorette fun!

You can play as individuals or as teams. Teams are a great way to play because it’s fun to have an audience for these crazy dares. If you play in teams go for "Team Bride" vs. "Team Maid of Honor". Heckling and harassing the opposite team is encouraged.

Print one bar dares game sheet per player or team. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible within the time limit. You can earn extra points for more difficult dares, so go for those first ... if you have the guts!

For team play, the team leader selects who will go first, second, and so forth. She should include herself in doing dares. Each player takes a turn selecting a bar dare she wants to do.

If bachelorettes are successful in completing their task, they mark the dare and take a point for the team. Once the bar dare is marked, the next player must select one of the remaining dares. Play continues until time is called.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins!

Bachelorette DaresWe have many of these same bar dares in a card set version. Click here. But note, the games are played differently; select the printable bachelorette game that works best for your party.
What is it about these bachelorette dares that's so much fun?

Dr. Peter Johnson, the leading researcher at Bachelorette University, explains:

Bar dares create an exhilarating effect in the bachelorette ... a feeling of adventure and intrigue.

My research shows that failure to play bachelorette party games leads to dull hens nights and ultimately to feelings of disappointment. I recommend that all sororities of Bachelorette University use a rigorous course of printable bachelorette party games to combat boring parties.

Statistics show that printable party games improve the quality of bachelorette parties by up to 500%!

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This was so funny!

Anya - 08/25/2013

I was a little apprehensive when I bought this game since my friends aren't exactly the most outgoing but this was exactly the push we needed! Didn't think the night could get any funnier.

Didn't know my friends had it in them

Jodi - 08/25/2013

This was so, so funny. I never knew my friends would get so competitive over this. It was hilarious to watch! I admit I got a little competitive myself!

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Bachelorette DaresBachelorette Dares
Bachelorette Dares unleash the adventure in your ladies' night out!

Hold onto your knickers ladies! Bachelorette party games like these may leave your panties (and your pride) in a twist. It's all in good fun! Grab your bachelorette bar dares and hit the town!